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Download STX today!


About STX

At its core, STX is a technology company striving to transform the regulated sports betting industry. By offering a state of the art trading exchange built on a modern day technology stack we are positioned to enable a new class of market participants to provide liquidity in sports betting markets. Bringing traditional capital market principles into the world of sports will provide a stronger level of consumer protection, tighter pricing, and more volume.

On the STX exchange users can buy or sell Binary Options on the outcome of sporting events. If the Binary Option results in “YES” the contract settles into $100 and if “NO” the contract settles into $0. Because STX doesn’t take the other side of its traders’ bets, we avoid the predatory mechanisms like restrictive limits, outright bans, and discounted “cash-outs” that you find at a traditional sportsbook. The sports betting industry has long yearned for transparency, reliability, and engagement. On STX, you will get all of that and more, the option is yours!

Management Team

Justin Deutsch

Justin Deutsch has spent his career trading in various financial markets including spot, futures, and options markets. After starting his career trading soft commodities and index options for Belvedere, he moved on to start XV Cryptoasset Management, a crypto fund he managed for 3 years. He is also an avid sports fan and is extremely familiar with the sports wagering arena.

Having come up with the idea for STX while in college, Justin decided to wait for the regulatory environment surrounding sports gaming in the USA to change before pursuing building the technology. After 18 months focusing on product development, Justin believes STX now has the ideal combination of financial markets experience, industry relationships, and a build first mentality positioning it to be a leader in the sports trading industry.

Hari Gopalakrishna

Hari Gopalakrishna is an experienced founder with a demonstrated history of working in product development, scalable cloud-based solutions, and building distributed agile teams, he founded Complia and successfully led the company from inception to profitability in less than three years. NIC Inc. (NASDAQ: EGOV) acquired Complia in May 2019.


Hari is a graduate of the Founder Institute, an incubation program for entrepreneurs. He has held a wide range of technology leadership positions at companies including NIC, Oppenheimer Funds, TD Bank, Key Bank, Bank of America, BellSouth (now AT&T) and HP.

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